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Dene - T Dialect

Teaching Sacred Language Curriculum
Online Video Supplement

The Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre (SICC) has produced a series of videos as part of its Language & Culture Development project, funded by Canadian Heritage. These videos serve as supplements to the Teaching Sacred Languages Curriculum book. Currently available in Dene (T-Dialect) and Dene (K-Dialect), there are plans to expand the offerings to include Plains Cree, Swampy Cree, Dakota, Lakota, Nakoda, and Saulteaux. These videos can be utilized as standalone language resources or in conjunction with the Daily Routine Unit Plans found on page 23 of the curriculum book. To access the videos, select the desired activity from the table below to view its playlist.

Click on a white button to start playing the video of your choice

September - Unit 1 - Daily Routine

October - Unit 2 - Daily Routine

November - Unit 3 - Daily Routine

December - Unit 4 - Daily Routine

January - Unit 5 - Daily Routine

February - Unit 6 - Daily Routine

March - Unit 7 - Daily Routine

April - Unit 8 - Daily Routine

May - Unit 9 - Daily Routine

June - Unit 10 - Daily Routine

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