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Strategic Objectives
  • Increase the level of service delivery; and,

  • Seamlessly enhance delivery of audio visual products and services to SICC departments and First Nations communities.


Operational Objectives and Activities
  • To provide computer technical support, audio/visual services, photography & print production as required for the day-to-day operations of the SICC;

  • To design and produce instructional & resource materials developed by the SICC (Languages and Cultural Resources Management);

  • To maintain, catalogue and preserve the audio, visual, archival and photographic collections of the SICC;

  • To serve as an essential liaison for the SICC. The Audio Visual Technical Department provides ongoing audio visual technical services as requested by First Nations communities, Tribal/Agency/Grand Councils, the FSIN and member institutions. These services are provided on a cost recovery basis. Therefore, the Audio Visual Technical Department plays an essential role in recording historical and contemporary cultural, governmental and artistic activities of the First Nations of Saskatchewan;

  • To promote the SICC to First Nations communities, governments, institutions and the general public; and,

  • To provide a range of products including books, tapes and audio CDs, lesson plans and posters to both general and targeted markets. These products are drawn from the collections and output of the SICC departments.

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