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Strategic Objectives
  • Maintain funding stability;

  • Improve strategic use of technology for increased efficiency and effectiveness;

  • Maintain risk management;

  • Maintain distribution activities;

  • Enhance employee productivity and performance;

  • Implement employee training initiatives;

  • Enhance employee recognition and support; and,

  • Link internal funding to strategic objective attainment.


Operational Objectives
  • To administer government and non-government funding on behalf of the SICC;

  • To provide an effective financial management system that will maintain and account for the monetary resources of the SICC; and,

  • To effectively provide financial performance and compliance reports to the appropriate funding agencies in accordance with funding agreements.


  • Provide quarterly financial reports to the Board of Governors, FSIN Education and Training Commission and FSIN Chiefs-in-Assembly;

  • Assist SICC departments with purchasing and contracting;

  • Maintain central management of confidential personnel records and benefits information;

  • Monitor adherence to Labour Standards, the FSIN Personnel Management Regulations, SICC Personnel Management Regulations, and Occupational Safety and Health Standards and related policies or regulations;

  • Develop, maintain and implement all financial and personnel systems that meet the daily and ongoing demands of the SICC; and,

  • Work with an external auditor to produce a year-end audited financial statement.

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