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SICC Traditional Parenting Workshops

Annually, the Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre (SICC) plans, coordinates and facilitates Traditional Parenting Workshops for interested First Nations to assist in passing on traditional knowledge from local Elders and Knowledge Keepers and at times, guest speakers. These workshops are grant dependent, however with dedicated staff and community contacts, these workshops have been proven to be extremely valuable. The workshops also aim to include the community's First Nations language as much as possible.
To date, SICC has conducted workshops in the following locations:
2009 - White Buffalo Youth Lodge, Saskatoon
2011 - Sakewew High School, North Battleford
2011 - Peepeekisis Pesakestew School, Peepeekisis First Nation
2011 - Okanese Band Hall, Okanese First Nation
2012 - Reserve Land, Whitecap Dakota First Nation
2012 - Band Hall, Muskoday First Nation
2012 - E.D. Feehan High School, Saskatoon
2014 - Big Island Lake Day Care, Island Lake First Nation
2015 - Pelican Lake Campground, Pelican Lake First Nation
2016 - Saulteaux Heritage School, Saulteaux First Nation
2017 Saskatoon Traditional Parenting Workshop
SICC is currently planning and coordinating a Traditional Parenting Workshop that will be held March 4-5, 2017 in Saskatoon SK at the St. Mary's Wellness & Education Centre Gymnasium. This workshop is aimed at age 30 and under. The majority of the teachings are aimed at young women however, young men are encouraged to attend. Registration is free and there are unlimited spots.
Day 1 Saturday, March 4, 2017
800-900 Pipe Ceremony & Registration
900-1000 Opening Prayer & Introductions
1000-1200 Traditional Family Parenting
1200-100 Lunch
200-330 How Can We Bring Back Teachings
Day 2 Sunday, March 5, 2017
800-900 Pipe Ceremony & Registration
900-1030 How Did We Lose Our Systems – Colonization, Residential Schools
1030-1200 Lateral Violence
1200-100 Lunch/Nutrition
100-215 Fatherhood
215-330 Taking Care of Our Spirit & Thank You Prayer
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