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Saskatchewan Indian Articles Archive

Taken from the Saskatchewan Indian, Summer 2003, Volume 34 #1:
The "Saskatchewan Indian is the official publication of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations and is intended to serve as an effective communication vehicle for the First Nations in the province of Saskatchewan.
The tradition of the Saskatchewan Indian magazine is to provide coverage of people, issues and events both entertaining and informative throughout First Nation communities. In order to keep with the tradition of the magazine we invite submissions. There is such an overwhelming number of First Nations community events and happenings that we are unable to cover them all. Therefore, we invite stories, photographs, artwork and letters from our readers.
The Saskatchewan Indian provides an opportunity for advertisers to reach the First Nation consumer. The magazine is distributed to all First Nation communities in Saskatchewan and to all First Nation groups, organizations and institutions."
For more information contact:
Saskatchewan Indian
Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations
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Tel: (306) 665-1215
The views and opinions expressed by contributors to Saskatchewan Indian are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Saskatchewan Indian or the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations. The Saskatchewan Indian is published by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.
Note: The magazine articles have been transcribed from the originals, with an emphasis on ensuring accuracy of the content. In keeping with this, all errors (whether typographical, punctuation, spelling, or run-on-sentences) which occurred in the original published article were retained for this electronic version.

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