Braun, Gertie

Bio : Gertie is originally from Sturgeon Lake First Nation, but now resides in Saskatoon. Braun specializes in jewelry making and is on the road to making it a business. Braun became extremely ill in 1992 and suffered a stroke. The road back from her illness has been a long one and her fine crafts have benefited her physically and emotionally. In fact, it helped to re-energize her. Her jewelry making had opened the creative side of her, which she never knew existed.

Gertie began her fine craft making during a time of healing and never stopped. It provides her with a sense of peace and is an artistic means of expression. She enjoys selling her jewelry, meeting people and being in new places.

As well as making jewelry, she enjoys writing poetry. Gertie wants to share with everyone the following poem that sends a message to people, that if she makes it through tough times, so can they.

"I Was Born"

.I was born a little girl with a free spirit
No sooner that was taken away
I tried so hard just to earn a little merit
So I'd daydream and I had freedom to play.

I was born with a lot power
And in due time that was taken away
In my disguise I stood by the tower
Looking at Mother Nature and I'd pray.

I was born to this world to love
And I dare you to take that away
I will fight for me and ask God from above
To protect me at night and all day.

I was born with a light from the Lord
That kept me alive and kept you away
From the pain as you stabbed my soul with a sword
I'm free, I'm finally free, forgiving is the right way.

I was given a wisdom to share
And I'll take that far, far away
Straight from my heart with tender loving care
So rejoice with me if you may.

Gertie Braun

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