Beaudry, Henry

Bio : Henry Beaudry was born on Poundmaker First Nation in 1921, the great-grandson of Chief Poundmaker. In 1941, Beaudry, 19, enlisted in the army. He married Theresa Spyglass before being shipped to England. They would have eight children together. Theresa was killed in a tragic car crash in 1990. Beaudry has since remarried.

Beaudry saw action in southern Europe, mainly Italy. During his time in the war, Beaudry kept an eagle feather with him. The day after losing it he was wounded in combat and captured by German troops. He was imprisoned near Munich at Stalag 7A, on December 25, 1944. He made his escape to Holland in the spring of 1945.

After returning home, Henry tried his hand at farming, then went on to work with Canadian National Railways. He accepted a disability pension in 1958. Beaudry hadn't fully recoved from his health problems that started during his incarceration in the German prison camp.

Around this time Henry took up painting. He is a self-taught artist. He works are in public and private collections nationally and internationally. These include works for the First Nations Gallery of the Museum of Natural History in Regina, Wanuskewin, the Saskatchewan Legislature, the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations,and the Queen of England.

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