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SICC Indigenous Storytelling Month

The SICC is mandated to protect, preserve and promote the cultures and languages of the 74 First Nations of Saskatchewan which inludes First Nations oral history, stories, legends and traditions. Over the past four years, the SICC has been collecting and documenting traditional and ancestral knowledge from Elders, Knowledge Keepers and language experts to ensure its intergenerational transfer. Traditionally, it is during the winter months that First Nations storytelling occurs. Due to funding streams, SICC have changes for 2017
Feature Storytellers:
For 2017, SICC is happy to announce that our feature storytellers are Jason Chamakese and Robet Gladue. Combining Native American flute and drum and vocals, they provide a wide variety of music from generations old courting songs to modern round dance songs using English and Cree vocals. In 2015, Jason suffered and stroke, was given a 30% chance of survival and placed in an induced coma. He is expected to make a full recovery and is beginning to get out into the community again. To read more, click here.
Rounding out the list of storytellers include: 
Leslie Anne Wilson
Jessica Generoux
Rose Pambrun
Dion Tootoosis
Solomon Ratt
Erroll Kinistino
and others yet to be announced.
February of every year is designated as Saskatchewan Aboriginal Storytelilng Month which is coordinated by the Library Services for Saskatchewan Aboriginal Peoples (LSSAP). The SICC appreciates the work of LSSAP and looks forward to particpating in this month long celebration by sharing traditional First Nations literature, storytelling, cultural teachings and other traditional activities and is anticipated by many every year.
Saskatoon Schools: SICC will be coordinating storytelling events in Saskatoon schools. Please determine a date and time that works best for your schools and SICC will work with you to bring a traditional storyteller into your gym or classroom. Download the poster here.


Saskatoon Community Storytelling Event: SICC will coordinate a two part community storytelling event. On Thursday, February 16, 2017 in the early afternoon, SICC will host a storytelling event for schools who may not have the opportunity to invite storytellers into their schools. Then in the early evening, SICC will host a storytelling event for the public with free soup and bannock. Download the poster here.



















Over the course of January, February and March, Saskatchewan First Nations schools may request a storyteller(s) into their gym and classrooms. This is possible through the Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation. Much like Saskatoon and area storytelling, SICC will reach out to traditional storytellers for their visit to your school. Please determine a date and time that works best for your First Nation's school and SICC will work with you to bring a traditional storyteller into your gym or classroom. Dowload the poster here.

Please follow the link to our 2016 Facebook album - link not live yet.
For 2017, our funding sponsors are: 
For Saskatoon and area storytelling:


For Saskatchewan First Nations Schools storytelling:

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