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Request for Elder Services

The role of Elders is integral in the preservation and maintenance of Saskatchewan First Nations cultures. Accordingly, SICC will continue to facilitate this process through Elders Services and the Elders Council to:
  • Provide cultural and spiritual advice and guidance;
  • Provide guidance on repatriation, cultural and language strategies and initiatives;
  • Assist in feasts, ceremonies and other events as required;
  • Guide and provide direction in the distribution of Birds of Prey items;
  • Maintain Elders list by language groups and demographics;
  • Review Terms of Reference for the Elders Council; and,
  • Define protocols for the Elders Council role when called upon in accordance to the FSIN Convention Act and the SICC Act.
The SICC is continually in the process of identifying Elders within Saskatchewan First Nations communities. If you are or know of someone who is an Elder and would like to be identified as one with the SICC, please contact us.
SICC Contact:
Ross Gardypie
Elders' Helper
Cultural Resource Management Department
Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre
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Phone: 306-244-1146
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Email: ross.gardypie@sicc.sk.ca

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