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Dene/Cree ElderSpeak
Dene/Cree ElderSpeak: Tales from the Heart and Spirit. click here to scroll prologue. Produced by. ... These stories are told in Dene and Cree. ...
Buffalo River First Nation
Mahsi Cho
We are currently updating our website and will be completed very soon. We look forward to having you visit us here so check back often. ... Description: Non-profit organization dedicated to working with the people of the Dene Nation and with other organizations
WinMac Dene Fonts
WinMac Dene Fonts. Download Dene Fonts for Windows and Macintosh. ... Free- Download
Dene Fonts (Downloads are working again). FAQ Frequently Asked Questions. ...
The Yinka Déné Language Institute
... Yinka Déné Language Institute RR#1, Site 12, Comp. 41 Vanderhoof, British Columbia
V0J 3A0 Canada 250-567-5179 (telephone) 250-567-5196 (FAX). The Yinka Dene ...
Dene Traditional Knowledge
Dene Traditional Knowledge. ... However, these preliminary results do reveal important similarities and differences between Dene TEK and western science. ...
Ethnologue report for Na-Dene
Language Family Trees. Na-Dene. Na-Dene (47) Haida (2) HAIDA, NORTHERN [HAI] (Canada) HAIDA, SOUTHERN [HAX] (Canada) Nuclear Na-Dene ...
Dene Nation
... Explore Motions and Resolutions from past Leadership Meetings, Dene National Assembly's and Elders Council. ... Dene Nation© 2004 All Rights Reserved. ...

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