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Dakota & Nakota Animated Phrase Book

Welcome to the Dakota & Nakota Animated Phrase Book which is an online educations resource for educators that address basic conversational phrases in the Saskatchewan First Nations language of Dakota and Nakota and in the respective male and female voices. The animated phrase books are appropriate for aspects of everyday life including school and office settings. This online resource is particularly useful for First Nations language immersion schools and language activities to support learning by the students and non-fluent teachers, administrators and staff.
The Saskatchewan Indian Cultural would like to thank the following master speakers for the translation, transcribing and speaking expertise:
  • Cy Standing (Dakota)
  • Maureen Yuzicappi (Dakota)
  • Roger White Jr. (Nakota)
  • Iris O'Watch (Nakota)
Additionally, the SICC would like to thank Cheshire Smile Animation Inc. for their tireless work in the design of the program and to 2webdesign for ensuring the program is available online.
This project is funded by the Government of Canada.
Dakota & Nakota Animated Phrase Book

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