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SICC Board of Governors

Governance and Responsibilities:
  • Uphold, advocate and assert the First Nations Inherent and Treaty Rights to language, culture, traditional arts and history;
  • Secure the required resources to support ongoing development for the protection and implementation of the First Nations Inherent right and Treaty rights to language, culture, traditional arts and history;
  • Ensure that all language, culture, traditional arts and history development is consistent with the FSIN Treaty Implementation Principles;
  • Assert First Nations jurisdiction with regard to language, culture, traditional arts and history;
  • Approve fiscal arrangements and/or working relationships with governments and/or other entities; and,
  • Review budgets and approve the strategic direction for SICC.
The SICC Board of Governors consists of:
  • Chief Bobby Cameron - Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (ex-afficio)
  • Senator Margaret Keewatin - Okanese First Nation
  • Chief Carol Bernard - Saskatchewan First Nations Women’s Commission
  • Councillor Willie Thomas - Pelican Lake First Nation
  • Chief Wayne Semaganis - Little Pine First Nation
  • Chief Cliff Wuttunee - Red Pheasant First Nation
  • Chief Michael Koochicum - Peepeekisis First Nation
  • Chief Francis Iron - Canoe Lake First Nation
  • Chief Leo Omani - Prince Albert Grand Council
  • Chief Greg Scott - Kinistin First Nation
  • Councillor Tanya Littlechief - White Bear First Nation
  • Chief Dennis Dustyhorn - Kawacatoose First Nation
  • Chief Louis Taypotat - Kahkewistahaw First Nation
  • Chief Robert Head - Independent


E-mail: info@sicc.sk.ca

Phone: (306) 244-1146