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Saskatchewan Indian Articles - 1999

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FSIN Chief Bellegarde Announces Creation Of Corporate Circle At Business Forum
Enlightening Saskatchewan's Youth: A Public Education Incentive
Interview With Naomi Carriere
Cover Artist: Kevin Pee-ace

Powwow Issue
Edmund Bull
George Ceepeekous: Dancer
Northern Lights Dancers Maintain Culture Through Dance
Piciciwin (The Moving Slowly, Or Round Dance)
A Lawyer, A Powwow Dancer - Dean Head
Pihewisimowin (The Prairie Chicken Dance Ceremony)
Chasing Down A Dream
The History Of Crooked Lake Agency Singer
Dance Competitions
Planning A Good Celebration
Aboriginal Arts Gallery Saskatchewan
Guiding Your Talent With Beliefs: Profile Of Tina Marie Arcand

Winter 1999/2000
Dana Laframboise: The Gentleman Of The Ring
Building Partnership For The New Millennium
New FSIN Executive Member: Biography - Guy Lonechild, Second Vice-Chief
Traditional Knowledge Focus Of Camp
The Next Generation Of Leaders Attend The AFN-NCAI Assembly
Bilingual Education: The Next Generation In Aboriginal Education
Treaty Governance Processes
Art: A Way To Cope With Peer Pressure