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Saskatchewan Indian Articles - 1988

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Our Indian Languages Are At Risk
Saskatoon Treaty Indians Supported By Chiefs
Indian Agriculture Act Introduced
Language and Culture Discussed by Elders
Lubicon Indian Protest Hits Saskatchewan
Indian Speech Too Political for Torch Organizers
The Rez Sisters - Review
Indian Languages Are A National Treasure that Must be Preserved

Entitlement Rejection Serious Blow (Editorials)
Change In Land Entitlement Policy Spells Disaster For Bands
Generosity: Mah-Min and the Missionary
Resignations "Irresponsible and Unprofessional"
FSIN Uses International Forum
Regina Separate School Board Introduces Native Studies Course
New Arena Dream Realized on Gordon's
Forty-One Native Artists Participate In Saskatoon Art Auction

On The Cover [Sharon Moberly]
Vern Bellegarde Elected PTNA Leader
Poundmaker Opens New Office
Native Rights Investigation Underway
Bands Present Ultimatum To Federal Govenment
Being Indian And Handicapped
The Story Of Paspasces

Indian Affair's Secrets Anger Chiefs
Thunderchild Honours Its Founding Chief
The Evolution of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations
City Indians: Refugees From Saskatchewan Reserves

Meadow Lake Tribal Council Invests In Sawmill
S.I.F.C. Opens International Indigenous Studies Centre
Indian Land Was Lost For Non-Indian Soldier Settlement
Remembering The War
Sandy Lake Officially Opens On-Reserve RCMP Detachment
Statistical Data Reveals Urban Indian Profile
Cree Nation Treatment Haven Opened
A Different Story from the City
Coming a Long Way
Gordon Youth Captures Gold at Canadian Judo Championships

Saskatchewan Metis Non-Status Split Affirmed In Vote
Battleford Indian Health Centre Opens Expansion
Last Month's Cover [Alexander Brass and Moostatik]
The Historical and Legal Perspective of Indian Government
An Interview with Thomas Strongquill
Tipi Painting
Bill C-31 Death Rule Amended
Keeseekoose Health Centre Opens

July/August - Indian Art Supplement
Art Returns To Indian Society
Bob Boyer
S. Ruth Cuthand
Ray Keighley
Gerald R. McMaster
Lloyd Pinay
Allen Sapp
Jerry Whitehead
Saskatchewan Indian Art: More Than Beads And Feathers

Walter Dieter: 1916-1988
Poundmaker's Surrender
Indian Students Protest Capped Educational Funding
Indian Control Of Indian Education: A Brief History
National Group Outlines Post Secondary Concerns
"Beat The Streets": A New Concept In Education
National Review Of First Nations Education
The Role Of Culture In Education
An Interview With Annie Stone

New Community Facility for Moose Woods
"FSIN Must Return To Fundamentals"
Chief Harry Cook Named Indian Businessman Of The Year
Maskihki-Wastotin (Medicine Hat)
Women's Council Taps Federal Funding Agencies
Elder's Perspective: An Interview with Joe Iron, Sr.
Indian Diploma Nursing Program Officially Opens
William Charles Health Centre Officially Opens
Band Office/Health Clinic Opens in Cumberland House

October/November - Alcohol & Drug Abuse Special
Ekweskeet Centre Serves the Community
Alcohol & Drug Abuse and its Relationship to Indian Suicide Rates

Sod Turned For Red Pheasant School
Alpha Lafond Receives Province's Highest Award
Lubicon Land Claim Talks Back On Track
An Interview with Joe and Rose Ewack
Native Guitarist Wins International Award
SICC Records Kehewin Singers Rounddance Music