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Saskatchewan Indian Articles - 1985

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Prairie Treaty Nations Alliance
Recent Court Cases Affecting Saskatchewan Indians
Indian Act Amendments - Bill C-31
Treaty Land Entitlement
Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College
Indian Artist: Eddy Poitras

FSIN, Central Americans Sign Pact
Erasmus, New National Chief Of AFN
Looking Back...
'Colonial Policy' Impacts On Aboriginal Rights And Title
Green Peace Movement Out to Skin Trapping Industry
Fond du Lac: Economic Profile
Uranium Industry Threatens Lac La Hache
Grave of Unknown Warrior Paid Homage
Battle at Frenchmans Butte 1885

Culture In Education
PTNA Separates!
PTNA Meets With Mulroney
Treaty Hunting Rights...
The Importance of Reviving and Retaining Our Languages
Language Reflects Culture
Arnault Regains Indian Status
Land Entitlement Important for Nikaneet
Slain Leader Remembered by Band Members

Don Worme Awarded Harvey Bell Memorial Prize
Bill C-31
Chiefs And FSIN Honor Its Past Presidents
Wood Mountain Reserve: 'Big Name', Small Band
The Big River Reserve: Into the Future with their Past
Ella Fox

December 1985/January 1986
Treaty Hunting Rights Protected
The Saskatchewan Indian Languages Institute
Prince Albert Indian Student Residence Officially Reserve Land
Did You Know Starblanket Band Farm Began in the 1880's?
Unveil Mass Grave
Winston Wuttunee
Allen Sapp To Receive Merit Award
Allen Sapp