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Saskatchewan Indian Articles - 1982

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British Court Of Appeal Dismisses IAA Case
Constitutional Commission Meets In Emergency Session
Try Everything - Commission Says
Saskatchewan Chiefs Court Action
Reserves Receive More Education Funds, Urban Students Cut

Indian Nations Prepare Ottawa Offensive
Canada Bill Goes To Final Reading
Canada Bill Debate

The Constitution Story
An Analysis Of The Canada Act
Indian Nations And International Law
Indian Government And The Future Within Confederation
Towards A Political Solution

Chiefs' Policy Conference Makes History: Legislative Assembly Formed By Federation Of...
The Patriation Of The Canadian Constitution: Not An Auspicious Occasion
The Treaty Legal Case In Britain
Anti-Treaty Trio Sink
The First Nations Assembly
Former Special Constables Join Regular Force

In Memory Of Ida McLeod
Struck Out: Constitutional Court Action By Saskatchewan Chiefs Refused In Britian
New Federal Claims Policy For Indians
"Model" Indian Business Doubles Turnover
Senator John B. Tootoosis: Ambassador To First Nations

The WAFN Gamble
International Forum of First Nations Formed
The Role Of Indigenous Art
Kistapiskaw Community School Opening

Sandy Gate...Indian Affairs Caught Meddling In Band Politics
Indian Government: 400 Years To Re-Establish
Issue Of Self-Determination Avoided: U.N. Working Group On Indigenous Populations
The Confederacy of Nations: New Executive of the Assembly of First Nations
Indian Education
Respect My Child: He Has A Right To Be Himself
Run for Acoose