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Saskatchewan Indian Articles - 1977

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Former FSI Chiefs Honored
Indian Children Taken Illegally
Indian Act Revision

Six Recruits Enlist - Condemning RCMP Plan, Federation Gets Review
Red Earth Pupils To Get Cree, English Instruction
Sports Commentary

70 To 225 Times Standard - Test Detects Radon In Red Earth Water
FSI Study Challenges Official Report: Dam Will Demolish Churchill Economy
Prairie Indians Call For Rights To Commercial Hunting, Trapping
Portraying Treaty Six Centennial SICC Film Has Premiere...
Huge Transfers Anticipated - Will Indians Obtain Land Ottawa Owes?

FSI's Sanderson Meets PM: Trudeau Says Time For BNA Act Parley
Chief Outlines Concept Of Indian Government
Study Finds Incompetence, Negligence: Dept.'s Operations In Total Disarray
Bentley Argues Water Safe Although No Standards Set
Federal Cabinet Accepts Formula For Entitlements
P.A. Judge Upholds Indian Rights To Hunt For Food In Wildlife Units
Deteriorating Classrooms Concern Montreal Band
Sanderson Is Re-Elected Chief In Landslide At James Smith

Starblanket, Ahenakew Commend Berger Pipeline Inquiry Findings
101-Year-Old Still Active, Spry

Eldorado Negotiates For Uranium Rights
Powers For Indian Government Demanded: FSI Advocates Nation's Status
Principles Of Indian Government
Indians Must Reside On Reserve To Vote
Out-Of-Province Hunting For Indians Ruled Legal
Thunderchild Woman Honored As She Passes 101st Birthday
Federated College Drafts Indian Studies Program

Band Wants Old Lands Back: Farmers Attempt To Block White Bear Reserve Claim
Confidential Report Finds Serious Management Deficiencies In DIA

Allmand Says White Bear Must Await Court Decision
Indian Act Revision Hindered By Complicated Consultations

Indian Self Government Is Coming To Canada - Says Beaver
Uranium Development
500 Year Old Iroquois Remains To Be Reburied
Human Rights Report On DNS Hints Racism

Ahenakew Tells Unity Committee: You Must Recognize The Indian Fact In Canada Too!!!
First Female Special Constable
Lest We Forget: Remember Nov. 11th
Underdog Indian Film Crew Wins at Yorkton Film Festival
A Breakthrough in Communications
Ancient Curriculum Taught At Indian School
Tom Longboat... A Notable Indian Athlete
Hilliard McNabb - Citizen of the Year