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Saskatchewan Indian Articles - 1975

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January 15
First Eight Candidates Begin RCMP Training
Indian People Refused Medical Care As A Right
Plans Being Made To Direct Our Own Education System For Indian Children

January 31
Thunderchild Report
Court Sessions Held On Reserves For First Time

February 15
Centre Assists Indians With Unique Programs
Justice System Discussed At Conference

February 28
Indian Land Claims And Rights
Carling O'Keefe Makes Meeker's Clinic Possible

March 19
Local Controlled School After Years of Struggle

March 31
Graduation Ceremony Historic Occasion
Indian Social Workers Useful To Communities
Students Becoming Aware Of Culture

April 15
FSI Rejects Regional Director Wright
N.I.B. Meets Cabinet: Resolutions Presented
Portage La Loche: 'Band Without A Home'
'Trends In Indian Education': Problems Clarified At Conference

April 30
Montreal Lake Over 10 Years Old: Community Profile

May 15
SIWA Dissatisfied With National Organization
Senator Recalls His Liv[e]lihood
Charlie Cyr Going To Winnipeg Jets Camp

May 30
Chiefs, FSI To Meet With Federal Cabinet
'Local Gov't Control Policy'

June 15 [Labeled May 15 - Volume 5 Number 10]
District Chiefs Dissolve All Committees
Gordons Cadets 5th Annual Inspection
Lebret Takes Trophy In Province Wide Meet

June 30
Lang Says Indians Cannot Be Ignored
Chiefs Receive Support From Senators
Mohawks Play Host To Saskatchewan Chiefs
Bomb Threat Disrupts Chiefs Return

OUR WAY Supplement (June)
Historical Review
Present Situation
One Agency Concept

July 15
Canada's Indian Peoples
Buchanan Says His Gov't Has Done Most For Indians

July 31 [Labeled July 15, 1975; On cover: La Ronge receives DREE grant for farming]
New Dental Program Explained To Chiefs
Unexpectedly Scoring A Big, Snorting Bull

August 15
The Giveaway Ceremony

August 30
What Do Land Claims Mean To Indians?
Food The Indians Ate

September 30
Burial Ground Re-Consecrated

October 17
Ahenakew Warns Of Attempts To Shift Services
Nikaneet Indian Band Launch Land Claim
Justice Programs By Indian People Outlined

October 30
Nikaneet Band Plans Major Developments
The Birchbark Canoe

Elder honored
Native Alcohol Abuse Program - Joint Effort
Well-Known Indian Artist Elected to R.C.A.A.
Cultural College Granted Community College Status
Marathon Hockey Game Tops World Record