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Saskatchewan Indian Articles - 1974

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Mayor Says Pilot 'The Best'
Willard Ahenakew Named To Head New Arts And Crafts Council
Key Band Office Now Located Conveniently On It's Reserve
Saskatoon Urban Indians Hold Successful Christmas Pow Wow
Ladies Lib
Past Glory Of The Plains Cree Recalled By Chief Thunderchild

Chiefs Support Whitebear's Proposal On Land Claims
Tuition Agreements Attacked
La Ronge Plans Takeover Of Local School Programming
Gov't Manipulating James Bay Issue

Wuttunee Captivates Audience
A Busy Life For Indian Lady
S.I.W.A. Keeps McNab Busy
Onyx Film A Disappointment

Indians - Metis Must Unite For Communications Funding: Faulkner Tells Conference
The Indian Artists Of Saskatchewan
Church Schools "Savages"

First In Canada - Band Builds Mall
Indian Named Lt.-Governor
Agreement Settled; Band To Get Control Of Education
First Indian School Board In Saskatchewan
Prairie Artists In Front Row Of International Art Show

Ahenakew Tells Chiefs Indian Shares Blame For Loss Of His Rights
Indian Land Claims Being Developed Across Canada
School Trustees In Support Of Indian Education Policy

July [Incorrectly Labeled August on Cover]
Band Owned Grocery Store Opened On Red Pheasant
Change-Over Concerning Educational System Denied
College Indian Art Program Will Begin Second Course
The History Of The File Hills Farming Colony
Treaty Number 4 Signed One Hundred Years Ago

Province Approves Plans To Train Indian Mounties
File Hills Chiefs To Boycott School
Pow Wow Trails
Laugh, They Said
The Future Of The Churchill
Cote Wins Longboat Award

Scarlet Tunic For Indians; Begin Mountie Training
Shooting Ducks Gets Fine For Whitehawk Of Cote
Music Course Developed By Indian College
Indian Art
Art Coordinator Is Artist-Author

Annual Conference: Dave Ahenakew Re-elected
Treasurer Henry Langan Resigns From Federation
Changes Sought In Indian Economic Development
Special Report: Indian Education
Facts About Indian Health And Death Rates Startling
First Indian In Province To Become Hotel Manager

Key School Committee Met With Local School Boards
Thunderchild Students Begin Classes On Reserve
Gov't Introduces Program: Fine Option Program