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Saskatchewan Indian Articles - 1973

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P.A. Residence...Who Speaks For Indians?

The Indian Agent
For Whose Interests? The Church or the People
Urban Indians: Victims of Rural Poverty Become Victims of Urban Poverty

His Memory Lives On
Oliver Brass
Hilliard McNabb: Leader and Spokesman since 1936

Indians Will Now Pay: Says Indian Health Services

May - Indian Act Supplement
Interpreting the Indian Act
Income Tax Legislation
Descent of Property
Band Council Elections
Lands on Reserves
How to Enfranchise
Liquor on Reserves
The Health Plan for Indians
Traffic Laws on Reserves
Special Rights in Education
Project to Revise Indian Act
Legal Nature of Treaties

Indian Women Want A Far Greater Role: Says S.I.W.A. President

Ursan Honoured At Testimonial
Need For Programs Seen: Statistics Support Indians

Almighty Voice
Gov't Commits Itself To Honour Treaties: And Recognizes Aboriginal Rights
A Warrior And Leader, Big Bear A Spokesman
Big Bear's Grandson At Plaque Unveiling

Task Force Findings Are Now Complete
Province Included In Claims Negotiations: I.A.B. Minister Makes Announcement

Historic Turnover Held At Qu'Appelle School
Study Turnover
Sask. Metis Society Dominate New Council

Chiefs Hear Of Need For 4-H
Cancer Takes Life Of Mervin Dieter
District Chiefs Reject Indian Affairs Budget
Wuttunee Returns To Institute New Course

Graduation Held For Native Court Workers
College Trains Social Workers
Elders Aid Efforts To Retain Culture
Music Program Begins For Indian Children
College's Indian Art Dept. Expanding