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Guiding Your Talent With Beliefs: Profile Of Tina Marie Arcand

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      POWWOW ISSUE 1999      v29 n02 p28  
Tina Marie Arcand The cover art was provided by the artist, Tina Marie Arcand. Arcand is a member of the Muskeg Lake First Nation. Today, Arcand lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Ever since elementary school, Arcand has been developing her talent. Arcand likes to use acrylics, oils, and oil pastels. Beads is another form of medium she likes to use.

On the cover, Arcand's painting was inspired by her daughter, Maranda Shayne. Arcand would like to see her children follow their cultural and become active in the powwow community. The rainbow in the painting is symbolic of her daughter Indian Name. This piece is owned by Chief Harry Lafond of Muskeg Lake First Nation. Chief Lafond was gracious enough to loan it to Saskatchewan Indian.

Arcand is very interested in maintaining her Cree identity. She is currently learning to speak the language. Arcand is also reconnecting with her roots in many ways. She attends many cultural events, and is training to be a powwow and round-dance singer with the Sweetgrass Singer.

Her art reflects a belief in her culture. "My culture is very much a part of me," says Arcand. Arcand's work has a strong sense of cultural and spirit. One of her recent pieces, "Young Lady with healing spirit and grandmother," explores the connecting power of the young and old, resulting in healing. "I paint what I believe in," Arcand adds. She also believes that the Creator has blessed her with her talent, and gives thanks for that.

Sweetgrass Singers cover artwork
Arcand contributed the artwork on the
cover of Sweetgrass Singer new album
Medicine Man, by Tina Marie Arcand
Entitled, "Medicine Man"

You can see more of Arcand's artwork on the internet. Arcand's art can be viewed at the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre, (SICC), Aboriginal Arts Gallery, Saskatchewan web site. The site can be found at Arcand can also be reached at (306) 683-3687.

Untitled painting by Tina Marie Arcand