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Aboriginal Arts Gallery Saskatchewan

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      POWWOW ISSUE 1999      v29 n02 p26  
SICC President Linda Pelly-Landrie Library Director, Jim Bruce
L -R: SICC's President Linda Pelly-Landrie, Director Library, Jim Bruce

Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre (SICC) is creating a new market for Aboriginal artists - Aboriginal Arts Gallery Saskatchewan

On June 21, 1999, Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre, (SICC), held the official launch of their Aboriginal Arts Gallery Saskatchewan. Guest Speaker included the Chairman of the SICC Board of Governors, SICC President, Linda Pelly-Landrie, City Councillor, Rick Steernberg and Deb Hog of Industry Canada.

The SICC's Aboriginal Arts Gallery Saskatchewan site contains Aboriginal art and crafts produced by Saskatchewan's Aboriginal people. On the site, they have included a wide range of media, from sculpture to moccasins. The completed site features over 600 pieces from over 150 Artists.

The SICC Library Department designed the site to be utilized as a marketing tool. However, many of the actual items shown are not for sale. These are examples of their artistic abilities.

The site is remarkable for displaying the creativity of Saskatchewan's Aboriginal Artist. Also included on the site, is some biographical information about the Artist and their works.

The second phase of the project will focus on, "on-line purchasing", of the artwork. However, currently there is contact information on each artist. Some of the individual artists have, "links", to their own web sites.

Production of site is made possible through industry Canada's Aboriginal Digital Collections pilot program.

To view the site, it can be found at