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New FSIN Executive Member: Biography - Guy Lonechild, Second Vice-Chief

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      WINTER 1999/2000      v30 n01 p12  
Guy Lonechild, Second Vice-Chief, FSIN A member of the White Bear First Nation, Vice-Chief Guy Lonechild is a dedicated family man. He and his wife Leah have one daughter. Guy is Cree and Assiniboine and is the proud son of Ivan & Colleen Lonechild.

Guy received his elementary school education at the White Bear/Carlyle schools. He graduated grade twelve at the Melville/Carlyle High School prior to attending Brandon University, Faculty of Arts, Brandon, Manitoba in 1992. Guy later received an Associate of Business degree at San Diego, California in 1994.

Prior to being elected Second Vice-Chief for the FSIN, Guy served as Band Manager for the White Bear First Nation and acted as a consultant for Myers & Norris & Penny, Chartered Accountants, First Nations Services. His previous experience also includes Technical Advisor to First Nations Education & Training, Indian Resource Council of Canada, a consultant for the White Bear First Nation Oil & Gas Management Initiative, Indian Oil & Gas Canada.

As Second Vice-Chief, Guy has numerous responsibilities within his portfolio of Economic & Community Development, which includes; Tourism, Agriculture, Mining & Minerals, Retail/Wholesale, Forestry, Job Integration & Job Development and the Women's Secretariat Portfolio.

Second Vice-Chief Guy Lonechild's office is located at:

Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations
Suite 200 - 103 A Packham Avenue,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 4K4.

Economic & Community Development Commission
Staff Members

Name Title Phone Cell Fax
Guy Lonechild Second Vice-Chief 956-6903 227-28 244-4413
Lyle Daniels Executive Assistant 665-1215 229-0133 244-4413
Byron Langan Director - Housing 956-6913 214-4028 244-4413
Gary Atimoyoo Director - Ec/Dev 955-4712 221-6899 244-4413
Linda Lavalle Policy Dev. Officer 665-1215 none 244-4413
LuWayne Bitternose Coordinator - Ec/Dev 665-1215 539-3481 244-4413
Cathy Poundmaker Admin. Assistant 665-1215 none 244-4413