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Our Children-The Responsibility We Have Of Raising Them

Our children are the most precious gift the Creator has given us here on this Earth. It is our responsibility to cherish them, honour them, educate them, guide them and love them.

Our children are our future. They are what we teach them. It is our role as adults to teach the younger generation the knowledge needed to be future leaders and caregivers. It is our responsibility to make sure they inherit the proper tools needed to carry out this task.

The first education that a child receives is in the home with the parents. This is where the fundamentals of respect and patience are firmly embedded.

A second classroom opportunity to begin the teaching of early fundamental lifeskills is the powwow circle. It is within this circle where lessons learned in the home can be reinforced. Children practise, first-hand, patience and respect. In return, they experience pride, happiness, discipline and praise.

There is nothing more gratifying to parents and grandparents than seeing their young child dancing in the arena. The children try their best, checking to see if their parents are watching them. They search out their parent's eyes, looking for approval for their accomplishments.

The Tiny Tot exhibition of a powwow is a child's time to shine.

Our Children Father and Daughter