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Cover Artist Lorne Cappo

Artist Lorne Cappo Lorne Cappo is a member of the Muscowpetung First Nation. His early years were spent with his grandmother. She taught him about First Nation's culture and the importance of knowing the traditional ways.

"These early years with her have had a great impact on my work as well as my every day life," Cappo says. "Her influence will continue to surface through my work as well as my life."

Cappo says that he never had the opportunity to develop his talent while he was growing up. It was later in life that an experience pushed him in that direction. At 22 years of age, he started to look seriously at art and thought maybe he was wasting his time.

Despite his doubts, Cappo continued working on his artwork. He says that after all the work is done, it feels good to hear someone say, "You've done a good job." This is why he encourages other artists just starting out to stay with it when times are discouraging. "Ten years later I'm still learning," he says.

Lorne Cappo is presently submitting a piece to the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre in Saskatoon for their 1998 calendar. The piece is entitled "Almighty Voice". He is also now looking for someone who would be interested in helping him market his work.

[From the Sask. Indian cover: "Spirit Woman"]
Artist Lorne Cappo's 'Spirit Woman'