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Artist Henry Beaudry

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      APRIL 1997      v27 n01 p32  
Artist Henry Beaudry Henry Beaudry is a First Nations artist and World War II veteran. He was born in 1921 on the Poundmaker First Nation. He is the great-grandson of Chief Poundmaker.

In 1941, at the age of 19, Beaudry enlisted in the Canadian Army after seeing a poster. He received his training in eastern Canada.

Beaudry returned to Saskatchewan briefly before being shipped to England to marry his sweetheart, Theresa Spyglass. Together, they raised eight children. Tragically, Theresa was killed in an car accident in 1990.In the years, since her death, Beaudry has remarried.

During World War II, Beaudry saw action in southern Europe, most particularly in Italy. He maintains that he kept an eagle feather with him throughout his time in combat. However, the day after he lost that feather, he was wounded in battle and captured by German troops.

In December 1944, Beaudry was imprisoned at Stalag 7A near Munich. He remained here for several months before escaping and making his way to Holland. Following liberation, Beaudry returned to Canada.

He tried farming for a short time but eventually got a job with Canadian National Railroad. While working for CNR, Beaudry became ill with pneumonia and was laid off.

It was during this illness that he began experimenting with sketches. He was encouraged to pursue his talent by a number of people and soon turned to painting. His talent is apparent and he was able to make a career out of creating works of art.

Beaudry is a self-taught artist. He says that he receives inspiration from his own memories and those of Elders. He uses the scenes and events to tell the story of his people - the Cree.

Examination of his paintings reveals his focus on relationships between people, especially family members. His work is often described as "peaceful" and "idyllic".

In 1993, Beaudry painted a mural of an eagle for the First Nations Gallery of the Museum of Natural History in Regina. More recently, his artwork was featured in a exhibition at Wanuskewin, culminating in a Remembrance Day feature. He has also presented a painting to the Queen.

The artwork of Henry Beaudry hangs in public and private collections nationally and internationally. He also has paintings on display in the Saskatchewan Legislature and the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.

[From the Sask. Indian cover: "Thanksgiving Ceremony (12 Months, 7 Days A Week)"]
'Thanksgiving Ceremony (12 Months, 7 Days A Week)' by Henry Beaudry