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Alvin Head: FSIN Citizen Of The Year

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      APRIL 1997      v27 n01 p29  
Alvin Head 1997 FSIN Citizen of the Year
Alvin Head 1997 FSIN Citizen of the Year
The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) recently honored Alvin Head with its Citizen of the Year award. He received the honor at the recent Winter Session of the FSIN Legislative Assembly. "It is with great humility and respect that I accept this honor from the FSIN," he said in accepting his award.

Alvin Head was born in 1950 at the Red Earth First Nation. As a teen, he made a decision to pursue his education and left the reserve to attend residential school in Prince Albert.

Eventually, Alvin returned to Red Earth where he worked for the Band in administration. In 1976, he was elected Chief for the first time. He was to serve a total of four elected terms, 12 years in total. He was elected by acclamation each time.

In 1986, Alvin was elected to Treasurer of the FSIN, a position he held for three years. He then returned to Red Earth where he assumed the position of Director of Education.

More recently, Alvin enrolled at the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College to pursue a degree in law. In his third year, his long-term affliction with sugar diabetes forced him to withdraw. He now travels to Saskatoon three times each week to undergo dialysis.

Despite his health, Alvin remains active in his ministry and business ventures. His message to First Nations people is "Be true to yourselves. Be true to your people."