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Honouring The Veterans

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      FALL 1995      p09  
Veterans In June 6, at the Chiefs Spring Assembly the Indian Veterans of the Second World War were honoured for their selfless contribution and sacrifice.

The event was staged to coincide with other events commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

Saskatchewan Indians have an impressive record of service to the country. In total 626 Indian men and women have volunteered for service in the three theatres of war this century including: 107 in the First World War, 463 in the Second World War and 56 in the Korean War.

Sadly only 67 of the Second World War veterans were able to attend the commemoration in June. Of the total seven were women.   The commemoration was held at two locations, at the RCMP barracks and the Regina Centre for the Arts.

First a march past was held at the RCMP barracks which included the Veterans, members of the Royal Canadian Legion, the RCMP and Cadets from Gordon's Student Residence.

In addition the Airforce honoured the veterans with a fly past.

Following the march the ceremonies moved to the Centre for the Arts and a banquet was held where the veterans were further honoured. Senator Raynelle Andrechuk represented the Federal Government, Premier Roy Romanow represented the province and Chief Blaine Favel represented the First Nations of Saskatchewan.

Overall the event was very well organized and each veteran received gifts including a 50-year medal, a crest and a suit jacket.

This will probably be the last time that these veterans will have the opportunity to gather in such numbers. We must never forget the sacrifice that they, and those that did not return, made to our freedom.