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Missing War Vet Alive And Well

Ken Medynski

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MAY 1994      v23 n04 p03  
Hubert Edgar Baptise is alive and well according to Grand Chief Gordon Ahenakew. Edgar Baptiste, who went missing in action in 1941 and was declared dead in 1945 has been found alive in Southampton, England.

During a recent trip to England Henry Beaudry saw and recognized Edgar after 53 years.

Gordon Ahenakew, Grand Chief of the Saskatchewan Indian Veterans Association, reported the discovery to the Department of Veteran Affairs. Department officials remain skeptical, however, as records that were kept in World War II have been destroyed. Confirmation has proved inconclusive and the Department of Veteran Affairs doesn't know what to do.

"They didn't keep records like they do today," says Gordon Ahenakew. "They didn't take fingerprints, of the soldiers".

However, Chief Ahenakew is convinced that he is the missing Edgar Baptiste. "He drew a picture of his village, the church and the houses, the way it was when he left."

Baptiste who is 74, married a nurse, whose parents were very well off. He has 9 children. Ahenakew suspects that Baptise's wife, must have hidden him, and helped him to establish a new identity so he could remain in England.