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Saskatchewan Indian Culture Centre Announces First Nation Language Extensions For Wordperfect

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN       MARCH 1993      v22 n03 p06  
The Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre (SICC) in Saskatoon, has begun shipping First Nation Language Extensions for WordPerfect 5.1, a family of software products designed to make it possible to use Wordperfect 5.1 for DOS to process documents in several Native languages. Currently available are Roman orthography versions for Cree/Saulteaux, Dakota/Nakota/Lakota, and Dene.

Without the Extensions, a document in one of these languages must be created using the base Roman characters. After it is printed, the author has to use a black pen to draw all of the necessary accents and special characters. The Extensions create the necessary characters directly, avoiding the time-consuming and errorprone "pen method".

The Extensions work on any PC-Compatible computer that is capable of running WordPerfect 5.1. In order to print documents created using the Extensions, it is necessary to have a printer that is capable of printing graphics.

The Extensions were developed by Randco Intelligent Computer Solutions of Saskatoon. Randco is currently investigating new technologies which will allow them to create Syllabic versions of the software to be marketed by SICC.

SICC is a nonprofit organization. Its mandate is to strengthen and support the overall Indian education and cultural awareness of Indian people.

Randco provides contract programming, custom software development, hardware and software advice and installation, and other computer consulting services.

The Extensions can be ordered from SICC at (306) 244-1146 during normal office hours, Monday to Friday. Each version costs $75.00 Canadian, with quantity discounts and site-licensing options available. As well, SICC is willing to develop versions for other First Nation languages. Contact them for further information.

WordPerfect is a registered trademark of WordPerfect Corporation, Orem, Utah.