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Intriguing Archaeological Find Made At Wanuskewin

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JULY 1993      v22 n06 p03  
June 30, 1993 - On May 19, fifteen students from the University of Saskatchewan's archaeological field school opened a new sight named Thundercloud. Excavation at the Thundercloud sight is under the direction of Dr. Ernest Walker.

An exiting artifact, a gaming disk, was uncovered in the first few days. The gaming disk is the size of a dune and approximately 1.5 centimetres thick and has been burnished on one surface. Dr. walker, excited about the find, stated, "the gaming disk is the first one found at Wanuskewin. Such disks have been discovered at the Lake Midden site but not at Wanuskewin". It was made of local clay, probably from a broken piece of pottery.

Other artifact found at the Thundercloud site include projectile points, pottery fragments, European trade goods such as glass beads, broken tools, unfinished tools, flakes, and fragments.

The Thundercloud site contains at least five cultural levels from 200 years to 5,500 years before present era. It was used as a bison processing site. Bones were crushed and boiled to remove the grease, which was then used to make pemmican. Stone tool-making stations have also been found. Dr. Walker first test excavated the site in 1984 and believes that the site will be under excavation for at least five years.