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Muskowekwan Treaty Land Entitlement Agreement Signed

Muskowekwan Reserve (Lestock), Saskatchewan (August 12, 1993)--The Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and the Muskowekwan First Nation signed the First Nation's Treaty Land Entitlement Band Specific Agreement today. This agreement represents a full and final settlement of the Muskowekwan First Nation's treaty land entitlement claim.

"It is a great honor for me to authorize this agreement which fulfills Canada's treaty land entitlement obligation to the Muskowekwan First Nation," said Pauline Browes, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.

The monetary settlement of $14.3 million will be paid to the First Nation over the next 12 years. Under the terms of the Saskatchewan Treaty Land Entitlement Framework Agreement the Muskowekwan First Nation may purchase up to 51,555.52 acres of land. Any remaining funds may be used for economic development purposes.

"This is a historic day for our people", said Chief Albert Pinacie. "This settlement will secure a brighter future for this generation and generations to come."

Since the $500 million dollar Saskatchewan Treaty Land Entitlement Framework Agreement was signed on September 22, 1992, settlements have been reached with 19 First Nations.