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The Native Cowboy Art Of Brian Seesequasis

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      APRIL 1993      v22 n04 p13  
From May 2nd to May 28th of 1993, in the travelling gallery of the Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre, the visiting public can view a brand of art that bristles colour, dynamism, and essence of Saskatchewan. Native Cowboy artist Brian Seesequasis presents 15 pieces of Canadiana derived his twin pursuits of Art Riding-the-Range.

Brilliant prairie skies, bygone duels between native horsemen and buffalo, the gallop and whinny of horses on the open range are all melded together with a light undercurrent of native mysticism and renewal and captured on canvas for your delight and reflection.

The centrepiece of Brian's art showing--the recently completed 7' by 11' oil-on-canvas entitled Buffalo"--now hangs on the northwestern wall of the Regional Interpretive Centre. The suspicious bloodshot eyes of the "Buffalo" will dare you to venture closer and then, in turn, follow you around the main gallery and stairways.

The Native Cowboy art of Brian Seesequasis opens May 2nd, 1993, in the travelling gallery of the Duck Lake Regional Interpretative Centre, and continues to May 28th. Meet the man behind the brush, Brian Seesequasis, and experience his very unique brand of Native Cowboy art.

Brian's next creation-destined for the northeastern wall of the Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre-will be a life-size painting of a Golden Eagle in full-flight over the Saskatchewan River.

Profile of Brian Seesequasis