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Ottawa Compensates Kawacatoose Band For Loss Of Land

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JANUARY 1992      v20 n07 p18  
Dan Goodleaf, Associate Deputy Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, presented a land claim settlement cheque to Chief Richard Poorman of the Kawacatoose Band, November 5, 1991. The payment will compensate the band for the loss of reserve land surrendered in 1918 and sold by the federal government in 1919.

The money will be used by the band to purchase land and compensate them for loss of past use. Under this agreement, the federal government will consider transfer of up to 8,266 acres of land, if purchased, to reserve status.

Tom Siddon, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, said, "The ability of Indian people and the federal government to sit down and negotiate fair settlements is a key part of building a new relationship."

"This agreement gratifies me," said Chief Poorman. "The settlement will give us the means to purchase the land we have lost." "We will also undertake economic developments that will benefit band members."

The federal government offered this $3,020,000 settlement to the band as compensation for the sale of reserve land surrendered in 1918. The band claimed that the federal government sold the land to the Soldier Settlement Board without the band's approval. The band also claimed that it had not been properly compensated for the land at the time of the sale.

The federal government accepted the land claim for negotiation on the basis that, although the sale of the land was legal, the compensation the band received was less then fair market value at the time of sale

A tentative settlement was reached on July 22, 1991. The Kawacatoose band membership voted to accept the offer in a ratification vote held on September 25,1991.