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Gordon Boasts Youngest Sensei In Sask

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JANUARY 1992      v20 n07 p14  
Marvin Bradley Longman

Marvin Bradley Longman

In December 1991, Marvin Bradley Longman of the Gordon Reserve qualified as a black belt in Judo, under the Sask Judo training requirements.

Marvin began his judo training in September 1985, when the Gordon Judo Club was first started by Sensei William Strongeagle.

Marvin advanced rapidly and in September 1988 became assistant coach to Bob Campbell at the Gordon Judo Club. When Constable Campbell was transferred in January 1991, Marvin took over head coaching duties, and is the youngest Sensei in the province.

Some of the highlights of Marvin's participation in Judo include competing at the Canadian Junior Nationals in 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1991, and in the Western Canada Games in Winnipeg in 1990. He was bronze medal winner in the -69 kg. division at the Junior Nationals in Edmundston, New Brunswick in 1988, and Juvenile Boys -74 kg. National Champion at the games in Edmonton, Alberta.

Marvin has competed in numerous international tournaments in Ontario, and throughout Western Canada, as well as Tacoma and Spokane, Washington, USA. He won bronze medals in the United States Judo Association Junior Nationals in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1990, in the -78 kg. division, and in San Diego, California in 1991, in the - 71 kg. division. Both were in the International Judo Federation Junior Men category.

Marvin is an N.C.C.P. certified level I coach in judo, and also has Sportsaid Certificate.

Now that he is a black belt, he will be able to promote his own judoka as they reach the qualifying levels for the various belt colours, and will be able to recommend his more experienced judoka for provincial testing for black belt.

When complimented on his success with the club, Marvin is quick to give credit to his parents, who just could not be more supportive to Marvin and to his sister Crystal and young brother Daniel in their sport and school endeavours. As well, he thanks his previous coaches and trainers, particularly William Strongeagle, who introduced him to the sport, Bob Campbell, who helped bring him into a leadership role, and Phil Takahashi, as well as the other young people who help drill and exercise a large club in gruelling twice weekly workouts.

The Gordon Band and Kawacatoose Band have both assisted with community effort, driving the youngsters to tournaments, and fund-raising.

With people like Marvin Longman in the sport, all in the community who support the Gordon Judo Club feel that any effort is well worth while.