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Green Plan Water And Sewer Projects Proceeding On Saskatchewan Indian Reserves

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JANUARY 1992      v20 n07 p07  
Ten water and sewer projects are now being completed on Saskatchewan Indian Reserves as a result of the Federal Government's Green Plan.

"The Native Agenda commits the government to improving economic and social conditions on reserves and the Green Plan provides us with the resources to make this basic but essential improvement," said Minister Siddon. "Clean and safe supplies of drinking water and effective treatment systems are important for the health and well-being of the community."

Through its Health and Water Initiative, DIAND is providing approximately $9,500,000 in funding. The following are some of the major projects nearing completion in Saskatchewan this year.

* The Pelican Narrows Sewer and Water Treatment System is expected to be completed in December. It will provide water and sewer services to 50 houses and to 65 unserviced lots for the Peter Ballantyne Band. Total cost is projected at $1,650,000.
* A well, treatment plant, sewage lagoon, and water and sewer mains have been completed at Southend Reserve. A second sewage lagoon and service connections will be finished in 1992. Overall cost is approximately $1,600,000.
* The first stage of a Green Plan Project in Stanley Mission is nearing completion. It will provide water and sewer services to 70 houses and 35 new lots. The cost of stage one is $2,000,000.
* A $500,000 project at Kinistin Reserve will provide sewer and water service to a new subdivision.
* Over the next two years, 65 houses at Sweetgrass Reserve will receive sewer and water service. Project cost is $1,500,000.
* Phase 1 of a Green Plan Project will replace an outdated water and sewer system at Cumberland House Reserve at a cost of approximately $300,000.

The Indian Health and Water Initiative of the Green Plan accelerates the installation and improvement of sewer and water systems on reserves. Indian bands are eligible for funding from DIAND to deliver water and sewer services to existing unserviced homes and to improve unsafe community water and sewage systems.

As part of the Government's Native Agenda, improving living conditions on reserves is a priority of the Federal Government. Access to a safe and clean water supply, and environmentally sound sewage treatment, will have a direct bearing on improving the quality of life on northern or remote reserves.

Other Green Plan construction projects nearing completion are at Lac La Ronge Reserve, Muskowekwan Reserve, Pelican Lake Reserve, and Red Earth Reserve.