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Red Ticket Holder Goes Home

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JANUARY 1992      v20 n07 p01  
Christine LaPlante
Christine LaPlante
After 54 years, Christine Blackstar LaPlante can go home. In spite of the fact that she never relinquished her Indian identity, personally and legally, the Act prevented her from living on her reserve with her husband and children. This is because in 1937, Christine Blackstar married a Metis man, Joseph LaPlante. At the time of her marriage, Mrs. LaPlante was given a Red Ticket and allowed to keep her treaty number and the rights that go with it. She exercised her Treaty rights all her life. She remembers voting in Moosomin's band elections and she still collected her annual five dollars. The only two of her eleven children who were born in a hospital were born in the Indian hospital at Battleford.

While she maintained her Indian rights, her husband and children did not have the same rights. Therefore, Joseph and Christine LaPlante raised their children on the outskirts of the Moosomin reserve. The finer legal distinctions, however, did not mean much and the LaPlantes were as much a part of the social and cultural milieux of the reserve as any band member, so much so, in fact, that Joseph LaPlante was buried on the reserve when he passed away in 1987.

Mrs. LaPlante also maintained her Cree culture and language. Her children have yet to hear her speak English. She retains many traditional values and encourages her children and grandchildren to hold onto their Cree language. She still prefers a traditional diet of wild meat and her bannock is wonderful.

Mrs. LaPlante is one of a few remaining Red Ticket holders, as this provision was in the Indian Act for only a short period of time. Since the passing of her husband, Mrs. LaPlante has applied for and been given a house on the reserve. She recently moved back to her home.

In keeping with her lifelong involvement in traditional activities on the reserve, Mrs. LaPlante, along with Norman Blackstar and Jimmy Myo and families, is hosting a memorial Round Dance in honour of deceased Alexander Blackstar, deceased Jackie Whitecap, deceased Joseph LaPlante, deceased Edward Blackstar, and deceased Pamela LaPlante.

LaPlante/Blackstar Memorial Feast and Round Dance

February 29, 1992
Moosomin Band Hall
Cochin, Saskatchewan