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Indian Policing Research Project

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      FEBRUARY/MARCH 1992      v21 n01 p05  
An Indian-controlled police force on Indian controlled land is the goal of a research project initiated by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, says First Vice-Chief Dan Bellegarde.

"This project is part of the process of achieving Saskatchewan First Nations' long term goal of self-government and a separate justice system." Bellegarde said.

"We also want to have some input into police delivery systems in the major cities of the province."

The researchers for the project are Osborne Turner, a community development worker, and Robert Head, a retired assistant commissioner of the R.C.M.P. They are soliciting data from Indian Bands and the senior police officers from the urban police forces, as well as the R.C.M.P. throughout the province.

The researchers have received a very positive response thus far from the Bands and the various police agencies.

"We are very pleased by the co-operation we have received from everyone involved in the study. The federal and provincial governments are also to be congratulated for the assistance they have provided," Bellegarde said.

"At the end of the process we will have a much better understanding of Indian policing issues, both on and off-reserve."

The process of Indian policing will be discussed at a inter-governmental conference in late March 1992.