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Connie Peeteetuce: Top Athlete Of The Saskatchewan Indian Summer Games

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      SUMMER EDITION 1991      v20 n03 p01  
Connie Peeteetuce
Photo Credit: Kim Fraser

Connie Peeteetuce is from the Beardy's & Okemasis Reserve, in Central Saskatchewan. At 13 years old, Connie is a veteran athlete in many of the track and field sports.

Connie's involvement in sports includes a variety of track- related sports, soccer, fastball, and hockey.

She is well known for her athletic abilities around the Saskatchewan Valley area. At the Saskatchewan Indian Summer Games, on the Mistawasis Reserve, Connie was awarded the top female athlete obtaining 44 points, and the Games' top overall athlete (44 points).

Connie will be entering Grade 8 at Stobart High in Duck Lake this fall. She looks forward to participating in other activites that high school offers. After completing Grade 12, Connie has indicated that she would like to attend University and perhaps study Law.

Connie's parents don't hold her back. When she gets involved with her many interests, they show her a lot of support and encouragement. She would like to continue with track, as she takes this sport very seriously. She wants to take part in bigger track meets that can give her recognition as an Indian athlete. Her sisters and brothers are also active in many sports.

Connie's family is proud of her many achievements.