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Treaty Indian And Blue Cross!

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JUNE 1991      v20 n02 p12  
Treaty Indian and Blue Cross!

On April 1, 1991 the management and administration of Non-Insured Benefits (drugs and medical supplies/ equipment) for Treaty Indians was transferred from Health and Welfare to Blue Cross. Here are some facts Treaty Indians should know about this new system.

- the pharmacy can call a Toll free number 1-800-667-4361 and ask for approval            
- the drug or supply will be denied to you
- the patient will have to pay for the drug

With the introduction of this new method of processing, many Treaty Indians have experienced difficulties in obtaining their prescriptions; have been refused their prescribed drugs or have had to pay prior to receiving medication.

Recently at an "All Chiefs" meeting held in May, Mr. Duane Adams, Regional Director of Saskatchewan Region, Medical Services Branch agreed to receive and consider appeals from Treaty Indians who have had to pay for prescribed drugs since April 1. All those who have been required to pay are encouraged to forward a copy of their receipt to Mr. Adams office as soon as possible. Those individuals who need assistance in putting their request forward should not hesitate to contact the office of:

Vice-Chief Tom Iron
1940 Ave C.
Saskatoon, SK