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Health And Social Development Commission Seeks Elders Guidance

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JUNE 1991      v20 n02 p11  
Elders in attendance
Elders at the HSDC Elders Workshop: (l-r) Margaret Fineday, Mrs. Lafond, Louie Opikokew, Leon Iron, Joe Opikokew, with Vice-Chief Tom Iron in Background
Elders in attendance
Elders in Attendance at the HSDC Elders workshop: (l-r) Flora Gladue -Flying Dust, Joe Dressyman - Red Pheasant, Lawrence Tobacco - Poormans and Edwin Crane - Key.

The Health and Social development Commission is mandated to address a variety of issues that includes Treaty Rights to Health Care as well as the development of strategies to address the health and social issues facing First Nations today.

To ensure that the direction taken by the Commission respects the intent of Treaty and the teaching of the Elders, Vice-Chief Iron extended an invitation through the Tribal Council to Elders requesting them to gather in order to provide guidance and direction to he HSDC. Approximately 50 elders met for two days and discussed:

The direction of the elders was clear. The words of the Elders remains with the staff of the Health and Social Development Commission and guides their actions and approaches daily.

"We have to care for and respect each other. We have to understand each other - we lost our language. We have to regain our language so that we can share our values."