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Siast And Siit Form Academic Federation

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JUNE 1991      v20 n02 p05  
SIAST and SIIT form Academic Federation
Pictured l-r: Signing on behalf of the FSIN Chief Roland Crowe,
Chairman of SIAST Board of Directors, Merv Houghton, and Percy
Derocher, Chairman of the SIIT Board of Governors.
Standing are the President of SIAST and Ron Albert, President of SIIT.

Saskatoon: Representatives of the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) and the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) signed unique educational agreement expected to increase and improve career education for Saskatchewan Indians.

Through the agreement, SIAST and SIIT will integrate academic program and service planning, development, delivery and evaluation, while remaining otherwise independent as institutions. While an Indian Institution, the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College is already federated with the University of Regina to deliver University-level programs, this is the first such federation of an Indian Institute with a publicly-funded institution whose programs focus on career education.

"SIIT is committed to meeting the growing educational needs of Indian people", said Percy Derocher, Chairman of the SIIT Board of Governors. "This partnership will enable better community input into academic planning. It will enable Indian people to better achieve their career choices."

Merv Houghton, Chairman of the SIAST Board of Directors, stated, "Academic program integration between SIAST and SIIT will broaden academic and cultural horizons, knowledge, skills and beliefs of staff and students at both institutions. This new partnership will enable them both to better recognize and respond to the needs of the population they both serve."

SIIT was created by Legislative Assembly of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian nations to provide technical/vocational programs and educational services in ways that enhance and support the emergence and continued growth of unique Indian cultures. SIIT has been in operation since 1976. SIAST, the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology, coordinates and provides province-wide career education and training to 14,000 full-time and 37,000 part- time students annually.