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Gordon's Reserve Judo Club Takes Four U.S. National Medals

Members of the Gordon Reserve Judo Club near Punnichy, Saskatchewan captured four (4) medals recently at the United States Judo Association National Tournament. Only six(6) competitors represented the Gordon Judo Club which is coached by Bob Campbell, Phil Takahashi also assisted in coaching the Gordon team.

The Gordon Judo team was led by Marvin Longman who won a gold medal at last year's Canadian juvenile age group championships and his younger sister Crystal who moved up to Silver from Bronze medal and Roseanne Longman took a Silver medal. Outstanding performances also were had by Trevor Poorman and Deanna Worm.

Roseanne Longman

11,12-34 kg. Silver medal, won 3 lost 2. Roseanne won her first 3 matches, her first two by ippon both by ground work, against Buckholz, Ahn and her third by shido over Baker. Roseanne was very aggressive and used her harai goshi effectively with strong hold down techniques. She lost her next two matches by ippon.

Janna Pratt

11, 12-44 kg. Bronze medal, won 2 lost 3. Held her first opponent down for ippon, Averham. She looked very strong and determined and defeated Mourer by yuko on tani otoshi. Her third match was against Zurkan from Ontario and lost by ippon on deashi barai. Her next oppoent was the fast Besslich also from Ontario who threw her by ippon.

Crystal Longman

13, 14-50 kg. Silver medal, won 2 lost 2. Crystal beat L. Blumie by kosoto for yuko. Lost to a very strong Ellen Wilson by decision. Wilson was much stronger and was quick to attack. Crystal won her next match with a tremendous osoto gari for ippon against Blumie 2 k. Crystal lost again to Wilson who was more aggressive and controlled Crystal from her usual strong left handed techniques.

Trevor Poorman

17, 20-60 kg. won 1, lost 2. Trevor lost to Rose who is a national champion by ippon after being thrown and then held down. In his next match Trevor choked M. Morris to win by ippon. Trevor lost his last match to a more experienced opponent.

Deanna Worm

17, 20-52 kg. won 1 lost 2. Deanna was off to a great start holding Beutel 3 k for ippon after throwing her several times. Deanna's next match she was armlocked by ippon. Lost her final match by osaekommi. Deanna can develop her skills and gain experience.

Marvin Longman

17, 20-78 kg. won 4, lost 2 Bronze Medal. Marvin was caught off guard and thrown by Scofman by left osoto for ippon. Marvin is not used to defending against let osoto. Won his next match by ippon by rolling armlock on Murphy 2 k. Won 4th match by yuko against Calvano by left harai goshi. Won his 5th match by countering Scoffman 1d osoto gari for yuko. Lost to Cruz of Puerto Rico.

Marvin Longman, Roseanne Longman, Janna Pratt and Crystal Longman
(L-R): Marvin Longman, 3rd; Roseanne Longman, 2nd; Janna Pratt, 3rd; Crystal Longman, 2nd