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University Access Program - Yellow Quill Band

Yellowquill Band - University Access Program

Back Row (L-R): Vincent Thomas, Jonas Smokeyday, George Scott, Dean Severight, Fabian Nashacappo, Melvin Neapetung, Darwin Peeace, Sara Nippi, Bernadetta Neapetung, Beverly Ahpay.
Middle Row (L-R): Bill Logan, Leonard Pasanipiness, Karen Neapetung, Alice Severight, Doreen Pamburn, Sally Thomas, Delores Cote, Gwen McNab, Judy Bighead, Lena Campeau, Tina Nashacappo, Doreen Whitehead, Vivian Apooch, Marina Smokeyday, Gordon Lobe, SDTC.
Front Row (L-R): Geraldine Kishayinew, Dorothy Whitehead, Lois Peeace, Marcia Natucappo, Linda Peequauqat, Seraphine Peequauqat.

One of the mandates of the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College is to develop appropriate programs and to deliver education services to Indian people in Saskatchewan. The University Access Program [UAP] was developed to meet the growing demand from Native communities for a higher education without having to leave the community. The University Access Program is designed to introduce people to a University Education and to provide them with other opportunities in the education field.

There are two basic components of the University Access Program one of which is the University Entrance Program. The University Entrance Program is intended for those students that were admitted into the University under special admission. This basically means that people who have not completed high school are required to take the required six classes under the University Entrance Program.

The second component of the UAP are first year classes from the Arts & Science Faculty. Once students have successfully completed the University Access Program, they can go on to obtain their degrees in a field of their preference.

The Federated College looked at these types of programs critical towards the development of bands futuristic needs. The band members who have completed their degrees are starting to fill a lot of professional positions at the band level operations.

This program is one of four throughout Saskatchewan. Similar programs are situated Cowesses, Onion Lake and La Ronge.

The Yellow Quill Band had been negotiating with the Federated College for approximately one year to implement this program. Part of the agreement is to allow neighboring bands participate. As a result, students attending this course come from Fishing Lake, Kinistin, and Yellow Quill. Basically, the academic portion of the program the responsibility of the Federated College. The administration and community involvement is managed by the Advisory Committee. Representation from all three Bands, Saskatchewan District Tribal Council, Saskatchewan Indian Federated College, Indian Affairs, and one Elder make up the Advisory Committee which operates under the jurisdiction of the Yellow Quill Chief and Council.