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Third Annual Saskatchewan Native Fire Fighters Competitions

The Third Annual Volunteer Fire Fighters competitions were held at the Muskoday Band on August 11, 1990. A total of six teams were entered.

Although the number is small, the interest is increasing each year. Muskoday Team #1 won the competition and will be attending the National Native Fire Fighters Competitions in Richmond, British Columbia on October 6.

Ivan Bear, Captain of Team #1 predicts a win for his team this year. Last year, they placed sixth overall but the set-up will be different this year. They will be competing against five other provincial teams, whereas last year, they had to compete against the top 10 teams from British Columbia plus other provincial winners.

Part of the trip will be financed by Indian Affairs and additional funds will have to be raised by the team.

Ivan and his team have been practicing regularly every night for the past two months for this competition. The practices have paid off -out of a possible 500 points, the team earned 480. Other awards went to the Sweetgrass team, winning the proficiency award and Beardy's winning the most sportsmanlike trophy.

Teams that entered the competitions Included: two from Muskoday, Beardy's, Little Pine, Sweetgrass and Montreal Lake.

Ivan hopes that more Bands enter this competition next year although finances for the meet are dwindling each year making it tough for Bands to sponsor their units. The organizers thank the Bands that entered as well as the judges, volunteer workers, the Prince Albert Fire Department, Weyerhaeuser Pulp Mill, Fort Garry and Levitt for donating prizes.

The organizers expressed their thanks to the Prince Albert Fire Department who judged the competition and presented the winners with caps. Also Weyerhaeuser, Fort Garry, and Levitt and the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies for donating trophies.

Muskoday Volunteer Fire Fighters
Muskoday Volunteer Fire Fighters Team #1
(L-R): Ivan Bear, Darryl Bear, Eldon Crain, Kelly Bear, Herman Cain, Bruce Munroe
Fire Fighters competition