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Senator Henry Langan: 1912 - 1990

Henry Langan
Senator Henry Langan
On Friday, February 9, 1990 FSIN Senator Henry Langan passed away suddenly.

Senator Langan was a long-time leader and humanitarian who dedicated his life to the Indian people of Saskatchewan.

Born June 12th, 1912, Henry grew up on the Cote Reserve. He served with the Armed Forces from 1941 to 1946, and was awarded a medal for the Battle of Britain, as well as the Canada Medal, the Centennial Medal, campaign medals from England and Germany, and the European Campaign Medal.

Mr. Langan became involved in Indian politics in 1966, and was active in that arena until his death, spearheading the formation of the Senate in the FSIN, and later serving as a Senator for the last number of years, until his death.

Senator Langan served as Treasurer on the FSI Executive for four terms from 1968-1976. Following his term in office he worked with the Indian Veterans to establish the Saskatchewan Indian Veterans Association and was appointed the associations first leader.

Senator Langan's greatest contribution was to his own people on the Cote Reserve where he served on a band councillor, community leader and a respected elder.

He was also a Justice of the Peace and worked with Indian and non-Indian authorities to administer justice within his band and other bands in the surrounding area. Senator Langan was also called upon at FSIN conferences to swear in new executive members and oversee elections.

Senator Langan was awarded the Citizen of the Year Award in both 1976 and 1984, and was also awarded the Order of Canada, the country's highest award, in 1984.

High on his list of priorities was education for the Indian people, and their continued spirituality.

Senator Langan will be sorely missed by his family and his many friends.