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Lucky Man And Little Pine Bid A Fond Farewell

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      JANUARY 1990     p02     
Chiefs Semaganis and King
Chief Semaganis presents Chief King with an Eagle Feather

It was both a happy and a sad occasion when the members of Little Pine and Lucky Man said farewell after 116 years.

It was a happy occasion because after 20 years of struggle and negotiation the Lucky Man Band finally had their reserve.

But it was a sad occasion because members from both bands were saying farewell after spending a lifetime together.

In 1879 Chief Little Pine selected his reserve and invited Chief Lucky Man and his followers to stay with him until they signed Treaty and got their own reserve. Chief Lucky Man eventually signed Treaty number 6 at Fort Walsh but he never did receive the land he was promised. Instead he remained on Little Pine Reserve.

In the early 1970s Rod King, a Member of the Lucky Man Band began researching the bands claim to a reserve. The band members organized themselves and elected Rod as Chief, later his brother Andrew took on the duties of Chief.

Both Rod and Andrew pursued the bands entitlement under Treaty and after nearly 20 years of frustration, negotiation, road-blocks and delays they finally received a parcel of land located at the Mayfair community pasture north of the town of Hafford.

"It is hard for us to leave", Chief King told the members of both bands. The memories of Little Pine will linger on, we will remember your kindness toward us and we will remember our homes located at the north end by the river where our band members lived all these years."

Little Pine Chief, Jonas Semaganis congratulated the band members for their perseverance in obtaining their new reserve but spoke for all the band members when he stated "a part of us will be gone when you leave but we will part friends and deep in our hearts you will still be with us".

Chief Semaganis presented Chief King with a plaque that acknowledged the legacy of friendship, kinship, love, tradition, sharing and perseverance that exists between the two bands.

Eli Bear, an Elder and former Chief of Little Pine, presented Chief Andrew King with a pipe and stated, "We will honour and miss the people from Lucky Man".

The event concluded with a give-away dance and a round dance.

Walter Bull
Walter Bull led the grand entry and carried the eagle staff