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Gordon Ahenakew steps down as Grand Chief of Saskatchewan Indian Veterans Association

Gloria Ledoux

The Saskatchewan Executive of Saskatchewan Indian Veterans Association met at the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre Boardroom.

On Friday, September 1, 1989, Grand Chief of the Indian Veteran Association, Gordon Ahenakew tendered his resignation to the Executive of the Association, The resignation was accepted and the process of electing an interim Chief began. However, there is no process in place within their constitution to replace Ahenakew until his term expires in November.

It was agreed unanimously he would remain as the Chairperson until their Annual Assembly later this fall.

A workshop has been tentatively planned to review and update their constitution in the very near future.

A letter giving authority for widows to apply for reinstatement for pension regardless of age or marriage became effective June 1, 1989.

The case of Antoine Rosebluff, a veteran from Musqopetung was reviewed, Antoine's arm pension was revoked and the hospital is now charging for his stay. Antoine has now returned horn from the hospital and his family is looking after him. The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nation will look into his case.