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‘Coyote’ on European Tour

Kevin Haywahe Kevin Haywahe is a member of the Carry The Kettle Band near Sintaluta, Saskatchewan. This fall Kevin will again join American Indian Dance Theatre.

The American Indian Dance Theatre is the premier dance group in the United States. This year they will be on an extensive tour including New York City, and a number of U.S. and European venues.

Kevin will be performing in the dance group, as a Traditional Dancer. He has already performed this dance in faraway places such as; Paris, Algeria and Zurich. This time around the "coyote" will perform his specialty dance, with his usual canter and colour. The recognizable Kevin has his face painted, usually in half shades of bright colours. The occasional "Yelp", can be heard, as he moves like a coyote, smooth and quick! The bright colours of his Traditional yellow and black outfit will be seen in exotic places like Los Angeles, California, along the banks of Tacoma, Washington, in the halls of Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Skokie and Morocco.

The Big apple beckons, where he will perform for two weeks. Imagine the Coyote yelp in Now York City! And then it will be heard again in Lisbon, Portugal! Further on to France! Belgium and Switzerland!

Kevin is the son of John and Sadie Haywahe and has four brothers and five sisters. The family is proud of Kevin and he recently had an Honour dance at the annual Carry The Kettle reserve pow wow. Some of his friends came to dance, Tom Charging Eagle, Warren Daniels and Frank McKay.