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Indian Women Will Form our Future Professional Class

SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN      MAY 1989      p04  
The recent protests over post-secondary funding revealed a previously unnoticed social phenomena. The social groups most benefiting from the treaty right to University education are mature students and women.

Most Indian students are mature individuals, some in their thirties and forties. Also 70% of the total university student enrollment are women.

The future political, business and social structure of Indian society may very well be dominated by women. This statement is neither a warning or threat but a sociological fact.

Many women who served as secretaries for the FSIN and other Indian institutions may very well come back in senior leadership roles.

Bands and Indian institutions have a poor record of hiring or promoting professional Indian women. A woman may work in a Band office for years as a secretary or bookkeeper without advancement.

The same holds true for male Indian professionals, but to a lesser degree. "Work hard and someday you can have my job," says the Indian Affairs beaurocrats. They have been saying it for years but they still have their jobs.

The existing Indian professionals are either unemployed or underemployed and in a few years the increasing number will create more pressure.

In the near future many Indian professionals mostly women will. be joining the job market looking for employment.

As Indian people we must react positively and make opportunities available otherwise a golden opportunity could become a time bomb.